Advantages and Disadvantages of cPanel You Need to Consider
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Advantages and Disadvantages of cPanel You Need to Consider

cPanel Cheap Web Hosting:

cPanel Cheap Web Hosting has become popular with website owners within a very short time. In 1996, this was launched in the market. People have loved it so much because they can rely on it. As you might already know, cPanel operates with the Linux operating system. It is made easy for day to day uses and system managers.

The best part of this control panel is that it is user-friendly, well designed and utterly responsive. It is designed in a way to meet the needs of IT experts as well as beginners. Even if you are not someone who is very good with technology, you can run this server comfortably.

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So let’s discuss some of the advantages of opting cPanel web hosting.

  • Installation

cPanel is really easy to install. Even a user interface makes it so much easier to handle it on your system. No matter if you are attempting basic or complex tasks, it supports every kind of command. The maintenance process and backups can be done quickly and in a few steps. cPanel has everything for everyone, so even if you are looking for cheap web hosting this is your answer.

  • Size

You just need a Linux based operating system to install this. It would only take a definite space of 20 GB in your desk and would require 512 MB of RAM to run.

  • Features

One thing which attracts people do cPanel or Linux Web Hosting is how many high-end features they have to offer. These features are really important to give you a seamless experience while accessing, hosting and managing your online website. An added advantage is that it has installed antivirus which will keep you safe from viruses and malware.

  • Flexible

Can you imagine a smooth transfer of all your content from one web hosting server to another without any technical glitches in case of emergencies? cPanel allows you to do so. You get unlimited web hosting benefits with it which is worth paying for.

  • Compatible

No matter which web browser you are comfortable with, cPanel can easily adapt to it. Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox Internet Explorer is compatible with all. It even lets you introduce the third party in order to boost the dynamics of website. The add-ons can comprise of on-site blogs, digital marketing boards, ebooks, or guest blogs.

  • Reliability and Support

It always provides you with reliable support and has the ability to detect errors on its own and the function to restart the system whenever something goes wrong.

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Disadvantages of cPanel:

  • Authorised access to files

One problem you might face with cPanel is that you need to ask for consent before accessing all files. Seeking permission for access can get time-consuming and disturbs the responsiveness of the files. Although, the good news is you can fix this. You may change the settings for creating files so that you can get access and set a passcode.

  • Easy target

At times are advantages can also become disadvantages like how it allows the third-party source to work. cPanel depends on the server of the software which makes it an easy bait for hackers as they can easily slide through any third-party source. Encryption can be a big issue with cPanel.

Now, comparing the disadvantages and advantages, you see that the benefits are more and you get the best deals with cPanel. Its friendly interface is something you cannot ignore.

Some other popular hosting control panels:

  • Plesk

Windows can be really restrictive with its privacy policies. So, as it supports Plesk, this hosting provider is prepared in a way which is comfortable and easy for Windows. It is even supported in Linux and mostly Europeans use this hosting provider.

The interface is quite simple to use and you can add on features with a few clicks. One thing which makes it so likeable is its automation tool. It will automatically look after the server maintenance so that you can concentrate on website development.

cPanel and Plesk are two of the most widely used panels worldwide.

  • Direct Admin

This one is compatible with Linux and BSD systems. This is extremely easy to use, fast to access and is really stable. The best part is it is very cheap as well as user-friendly. One feature which makes it stand out is its support for multiple access levels: Administrator, User and Reseller. It comes with a lot of features to entice people to buy it. It has DNS management, statistics of each resource, database creation, backup creation, reseller account creation, file management and a lot more.

  • Webmin

Every Unix system supports this web panel, which includes BSD systems, all Linux and Solaris system. Although it gives you an option to customise as per your choice, it is not very user-friendly. People still love Webmin because it is absolutely free and the majority of operating systems can work with it.

  • ISP Manager

This is widely popular in Eastern European hosting companies. It is configured in a very basic way but that does not make it any less useful. ISP manager comes in two versions, Lite and Business. The extra features you get with Lite are web-server management, important data from a remote server, giving the uses different access levels. It is mostly preferred for Dedicated and VPS servers, why the business version is preferred for shared or reseller hosting because it has the ability to manage multiple servers and effortlessly create and manage user accounts.

All the panels have their own benefits and drawbacks. You have to make your choice keeping in mind your current needs, your budget and your business goals. Although they have one thing in common, they make managing servers and hosting very easy and quick.

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