International Anti Drerug day
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International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking: Know Its Importance

International Anti Drerug day: Know how the Northeast is battling with drug menace Today is the World Anti-Drug Day. The situation in Fatehabad, Haryana is shocking. Here is only one de-addiction center. That has also been closed for a year. The district administration accomplishes the campaign on paper for eight months. But the result is […]

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Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program in Delhi By a Renowned Nutritionist

20th June 2020 Obesity is a concern that has been seriously troubling people of all ages, gender, and color with no discrimination. You may see a 12 year old boy struggling with weight issues, you might also have an obese colleague. Obesity goes way beyond the physical appearance, its root dig deep into the personality […]

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Best Dietician for Weight Loss in Delhi Guides You towards Healthy Living

22nd April 2020 The modern-day lifestyle is the major reason behind tons of health concerns and troubles. It is important that people take charge of their lives and leave unhealthy habits at bay. People tend to be hoggers, when it a stressful time, or completely repel food when sad. It is not a way to […]