Choose Affordable VPS Hosting for Fast Growth in Online Business

Choose the finest VPS Server Hosting option for your needs by comparing them. Our Affordable VPS Hosting combines the adaptability of a shared hosting plan with the speed that only a dedicated server can provide, providing full root-level access and complete freedom to install software and hardware.

Even though running your own business after you get it off the ground can be tricky, starting one can be challenging enough. Now might be the right moment to think about having your own dedicated server to host your website, app, or e-commerce business if you haven’t already done so. Fortunately, Onlive Server offers VPS servers at reasonable pricing. Without spending excessive amounts of money or dedicating an excessive amount of your time to on-site management or maintenance activities, you may obtain all the strength and stability of a fully managed server.

Why should you choose Affordable VPS Hosting?

You must first realize that there are three primary categories of servers from which to choose. They have shared web hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers. Since each one has a particular function and most individuals start out with little budgets, it’s crucial to make a sensible decision in order to save money so that you may expand your business.

By selecting an Affordable VPS Hosting, you’ll save time and money on IT costs while ensuring the seamless operation of your company. Moreover, they let you easily access all of your files even while you are not in your office. Customers that try to contact you online never experience any lag time because to our lightning-fast servers.

Difference Between Shared Hosting and VPS Server

Shared hosting and VPS Server are two types of hosting offered by most web hosts. Shared hosting is a type of web hosting in which the user has limited control over their site and it can be used to run any number of websites on a single server. In contrast, a dedicated or VPS server is a type of web hosting that provides the user with complete control over their website. The main difference between shared and dedicated hosting is that shared servers have more features than dedicated ones. Shared servers are usually used by small businesses and individuals who don’t need full control over their sites.

A VPS is a Virtual Private Server. It’s basically an isolated computer that runs on top of another operating system (like Linux) but with its own virtualization software that gives it the ability to run multiple operating systems simultaneously and independently from other virtual machines on the same physical hardware (physical hardware refers to the hardware that actually stores your files and works).

Some Benefits of VPS Hosting

Fully Customizable

You can set up your own dedicated server plan with Onlive Server. Choose from a choice of foreign data center locations, then pick your own operating system, RAM configuration, and CPU based on the demands of your business. Your hardware will be installed and configured by our knowledgeable specialists at one of our cutting-edge facilities. No other configuration is needed after that; you may start using it straight away! A 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24/7 technical assistance are both included in all managed services! Call us right away for further details.


Gain complete command of your server. Your virtual machine will be accessible as a root, allowing you to make whatever changes you choose. You can easily run a mail server, and install several operating systems, and other software. A virtual private server is a great option if you want complete control over everything that occurs on your computer. No matter what OS you are comfortable using, we have Cheap Affordable VPS Hosting available for you. You always have complete control over what occurs on your server while using our Onlive Server.

Highly Secure

We recognize that you may be hesitant to give up control of your servers, so we take your security and privacy seriously. You may relax knowing that neither Onlive nor any of your data have physical access to your hardware. No information from your virtual private servers is retained or stored by us. You can rely on our crew of experts to take care of everything while offering you a 99.9% uptime guarantee. You can rely on us to uphold both our and your professional reputations.

24/7 Support

Our team of professionals is on hand around-the-clock to handle any issues you could run into. Your pleasure is our first priority; therefore, we’re constantly working to improve our customer service. Onlive Server wants to give you a remarkable service that makes you pleased. What are you still holding out for? Tell us how we can assist you.


To send and receive files from your Onlive Server, you want a dependable, fast connection. Additionally, you should make sure you have enough bandwidth to manage your business apps’ peak traffic demands. Depending on your location and the available options, bandwidth can be pricey. Ask your hosting company about bandwidth costs. Prior to opening an online store, it would be a good idea to have a relationship with your supplier established so that you can estimate your monthly website operating costs.


Simply said, a virtual private server is a dedicated server that you use alone. You have full access to it, including all of its resources and data storage area, but nobody else has access to your user account. A Cheap Affordable VPS Hosting has advantages over other cloud hosting options in terms of affordability, adaptability, and security. Using the features that your service provider offers. Additionally, get in contact with us right away to get a virtual private server tailored to your company’s requirements.