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E bike parts will guarantee your riding experience

E bike belongs to the extension of the bike product, is on the basis of the ordinary bike that E bike parts added motor, battery, controller and speed control and other control parts and display instrument system, mechanical and Eal integration device. Today, let’s introduce the basic structure of e bike parts.

E bike parts are mainly divided into body bearing parts, Eal parts, transmission parts, driving control safety parts and vehicle parts five parts. The body bearing parts include frame, front fork, wheel and frame, etc.; Eal components include motor, controller, battery and charger, instrument, brake handle, etc. Transmission parts include pedal, sprocket crank, shaft, chain, flywheel and motor drive wheel, etc. Driving control safety components include handlebars, brakes, horns, lights and steering indicators, etc.; Vehicle parts include the tail box and basket, etc. Motor is a key component that converts battery energy into mechanical energy and drives E wheel rotation. As the core component of E bike system, the controller can control the motor speed and play an important role in undervoltage, current limiting or overcurrent protection. It is the core component of E bike energy management and various control signal processing. Batteries are the core components that provide energy for E bike parts anytime and anywhere. At present, lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries are mainly used in E vehicles. Charger is for the battery to supplement the power of the parts, charging should keep the charger ventilation, charging process smell odor or charger shell temperature is too high, please immediately stop charging for inspection and treatment. Other components on the E bike such as lamps and instruments are mainly a combination of components to provide lighting and display the state of the E vehicle. The instrument can show the battery voltage, the vehicle speed data and the riding state, the state of the lamps and lanterns for the user.

E bike parts will guarantee your riding experience.