Everything about Windows Cheap Web Hosting

Everything about Windows Web Hosting

Cheap Web Hosting with Windows Server:

When it comes to choosing Cheap Web Hosting solutions, many users find it a bit difficult to go for Windows considering the fact that it is far more expensive in comparison to Linux.

Windows web hosting makes use of hardware for running Microsoft Windows server operating system. This kind of website server hosting might come as one of the best solutions for individuals who are accustomed to using the Windows operating system on their desktop computers and are probably looking to stick with things that they already know. The ones who prefer Windows hosting are of the view that it is one of the easiest website hosting products to make use of. It is far less complicated especially when it is about adding different features for expanding a site. This kind of web hosting is even supported by Microsoft, which provides updates on a regular basis for keeping the hosting of the users free of hacks and bugs and completely secure. To be more technically specific, Windows web hosting comes as the one and the only hardware possessing the potential of operating the .NET or Visual Basic programming languages. Windows also comes as one of the best alternatives for scripting .ASP or Active Server Pages. In addition, Our Company provide all web hosting services for more than 30 countries. like USA, Israel, UAE, UK, Ukraine, Turkey, Germany, Sweden VPS, Dedicated Server, Linux Web Hosting, Windows Web Hosting and etc with different types services.

Cheap Windows Web Hosting Plans

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know to the facts about Sweden VPS Server Hosting:

Sweden VPS server hosting is more affordable and cost-effective in comparison to dedicated server hosting. With Sweden VPS hosting, the users need to pay only for the resources they use and not for anything else. Nevertheless, there is a certain fixed amount that needs to be paid before subscribing for a VPS hosting package.  Take for instance, hosting providers like Onlive Server offer 1 core processor, 1 TB data transfer bandwidth, 30 GB storage space, KVM architecture, 1 dedicated IP address and 500 Mbps network connectivity speed. Windows and Linux operating system options are available along with control panel options like Plesk, Zpanel, Webmin, Sentora, Centos, ISPConfig and Virtualmin. Despite the plethora of resources, the users get on the VPS servers, they only need to pay for the ones they use. This is probably more affordable than going for dedicated or shared server hosting.

Windows Offers the Same Technologies as are Available with Linux

Windows provides almost all the technologies available with Linux along with some other additional features. For the ones who are in the look out of developing sites with Microsoft-specific technologies, Windows web hosting might be the best bet. SQL Server, Active Directory and ASP.NET are some programs that come exclusively with Windows and no other operating system. Additionally, coming up with a .NET site on the Windows operating system is easier than developing the site on Linux. Majority of the large companies concerned with different security services develop .NET sites since it comes backed by a huge corporation. Apart from supporting different Windows programs, users on Windows server also get the option of installing MySQL, WordPress, PHP and various other open-source platforms. This is something that makes Windows one of the most versatile platforms available at present. It even supports majority of the databases and programming languages available in the present times.

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Windows can be Configured Very Easily:

This goes special for all those beginners who find it very difficult to configure operating systems on their website servers. Take for instance, configuring DNS servers with Linux can be quite challenging. With Windows, it gets easier for the users to create their very own DNS servers. In the same way, Windows provides a highly intuitive graphical interface for the management of web server environments. This makes it very easy for the users to create new virtual hosts. Hence, for the new website administrators, Windows proves to be easier as far as administration procedures are concerned.

Some common asked questions about cheap web hosting are as follows:

  • Is Windows the right hosting environment for majority of the sites?

Yes, it is the right hosting environment for majority of the sites mainly because it offers users the flexibility of using some of the greatest technologies like IIS, SQL Server, .NET, .ASP and so on.

  • How are the graphical interfaces of Windows useful?

The graphical interfaces of Windows available for majority of its administration options save users from the hassle of editing lengthy and complicated configuration files.

  • Will I get timely security updates with Windows?

Yes, since it is backed by a well-known and sincere organization, timely security updates are always available with Windows.

  • What is Linux server hosting?

Linux website hosting does not require restarting or rebooting. This means even complicated updates to the site can easily be accomplished with no downtime or little downtime.

  • What do you get with Linux operating system?

There are very few scopes available for the hackers to actually exploit with Linux operating system.

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