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If you are looking for the best Singapore VPS server, then Onlive Server is the right place. We have the best servers with the latest features and optimized security measures that make them non-affected by virus attacks and hackers. You can enjoy unlimited bandwidth and hosts like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and much more without restrictions. This Server is cheap, reliable, and secure. The best Singapore VPS Server is quality support functions.

It is one of priority for providing excellent hosting service at an affordable price range the best VPS Server providers that allow you to get a virtual private server at a meager cost. They offer different types of environments and high-end performance setups. We will transfer all your data to the new Onlive hosting server at zero cost if you want to switch from a Shared hosting account. You can follow our steps and make the transfer yourself in about 5 minutes, or we can do it for you with no extra charges and hassle!

What is a VPS Server?

This Server is best for business that uses lots of resources; the Server will be able to handle the heavy load from you. Usually, in this kind of scenario, the Server will have power and RAM available for your needs to keep running smoothly. Most of the time, there are some free resources we can use, such as RAM and CPU. We can improve our Server’s performance by upgrading RAM or CPU memory

Sign up for creating a new Linux or Windows server within minutes. We offer SSD, RAM and Bandwidth plans to meet your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance for your website, shared hosting, email, or virtual private servers. If you need any help from our highly trained support team, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why is Onlive Server the most straightforward web hosting provider?

It provides a web host that is very simple, self-explanatory, and straightforward to use. Their hosting services’ usability helps make them accessible to everyone without technical knowledge. The great thing about these hosts is that they provide everything you need regarding hosting without any hidden costs.

The best Cheap VPS Server by Cheap VPS Server is a fully flexible and reliable virtual private server, giving you the power to host your website in the cloud. It has user-friendly features, like the ability to customize your site quickly without worrying about technical knowledge.


We provide a 24/7 server, Linux VPS and Windows VPS. Our servers are well known as Singapore’s most reliable and secure hosting service provider. We offer a wide range of servers, with RAM, SSD, and bandwidth varying based on the availability in your area. The services include but are not limited to High-Performance Servers, Reseller Hosting, Servers, and Cloud Hosting.

Firewall Protection

It is a full-service, best Singapore Server hosting provider offering a variety of accounts, including VPS and reseller plans. Our international data centers ensure fast, reliable performance and reliability, provide 24x7x365 support, lower power costs, and all levels of redundancy.

An excellent choice for your customers

With the best Singapore VPS server on board, your customers can enjoy exceptional performance and stability while they work. They will be able to run their applications without any downtime. We offer world-class infrastructure that delivers excellent performance and reliability at an affordable price.


Who should this service be used with: Anyone looking for a reliable server and at the same time doesn’t want to worry about maintenance and other issues. In addition, this service is ideal for every business venture at any or all levels. It is a good way of bootstrapping some business and creating your own website/website.


Infrastructure services are the backbone of your business. It delivers a full range of managed IT services that can help you run more efficient, productive, and secure operations. By deploying our managed servers and cloud infrastructure solutions, you can access best-in-class technical support, powerful features, 24/7 data center availability, and more in an entirely self-service model.

 High-speed and reliable Server

It is powered by the best VPS Server, a leading cloud service provider worldwide. With the best performance-intensive infrastructure and fast desktop components, your website will be powered by high performance. Flexible server infrastructure, enabling you to create a more reliable application and run new innovative applications designed for multi-tasking faster.

24*7 customer services

We have a 24*7 Customer Care team that will assist you with all your queries. We are here to help and guide you in every step of your hosting experience. Each assistance is personal, understanding, and professional.

No issues

This is the best quality VPS server by Cheap VPS Server, which gives you unlimited websites, email accounts, and more. All our servers come with 24/7 customer support to answer your queries anytime.


It offers different hosting plans that offer Cheap VPS hosting. We recommend the right program based on your business needs, resources, and budget. For example, the Starter plan is perfect for small businesses, and the Premium plan suits professionals who need more resources and features.


This is the best place to host your website Singapore VPS Hosting. You can have a server for one year or a month at the most affordable price. You can also avail of our hosting services with domain registration, email accounts, and other services.