International Anti Drerug day
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International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking: Know Its Importance

International Anti Drerug day: Know how the Northeast is battling with drug menace

Today is the World Anti-Drug Day. The situation in Fatehabad, Haryana is shocking. Here is only one de-addiction center. That has also been closed for a year. The district administration accomplishes the campaign on paper for eight months. But the result is nothing.
Today we are ready to celebrate World Anti-Drug Day. Rally will be organized every place and officials will loot applause by giving a ten-minute speech. But if we look at the place, there is not a single village left in the Fatehabad district of Haryana, where the youth are not pinned down in the swamp of this drug.

If we talk about this year, in the previous two months, four youths have died due to drug overdose in village Bhirdana. There was no cooperation from the side of the district administration, then the youth here have taken command themselves and run a continuous campaign for a month. The Haryana government had last year mentioned some district’s names where there were a lot of people affected by drugs. The name of Fatehabad was also put in in these districts. In such a circumstance, the district administration began the campaign on August 15 last year. District Social Welfare Department, Health Department, and Police Department took part in this campaign.
Drive stuck in files over time

By 31 March 2021, the officers were provided a target to visit the most affected villages of the district and organize awareness camps there. When the campaign began, activities were visible on the ground, but as time passed, the campaign alights the ground and got stuck in the files. Program bills have been prepared in the files but nothing has been done in the area. This campaign also canceled on 31 March this year. Not even one percent effect of this campaign was seen. Impressed by this event, not a single youth gave up drug addiction.
Drug-free center in Fatehabad closed for two years

Due to the Corona predicament, the district Business administration had to announced closing the 30-bed de-addiction center. And given permission to make the Corona ICU ward here. In such a position, only medicines were being given to the patients who had relinquished. There were neither beds nor places to recruit. In this situation, the patients are troubling. It is not that the Health Department did not industrious, but due to lack of space, it could not happen. In the second wave of the corona, In the Hospital patients did not even get beds. Now the circumstance is improving, so it is expected that in the following time this de-addiction center will also be started.
Outdoor to indoor treatment

If we note the drug-affected area in the district, then it is Ratia area. In such a circumstance, the district administration has also started OPD for two days in the civil hospital. But this OPD is not sufficient for quitting an addiction. Now the doctor is leaving Fatehabad. But in the upcoming time, drug de-addiction center is starting in Ratia. In such a situation, indoor treatment will start here soon. A separate room of 8 beds is being built in Ratia where patients who have given up drugs will be treated properly. Doctors go there on Monday and Tuesday.

These departments were given this responsibility in the drug de-addiction campaign

Social Welfare Department:

Social Welfare Department where there were more people suffering from drugs. Now de-addiction awareness camp organized here daily. In which the public will be motivated to give up drugs. There will also be a team of doctors in these camps. But there were few camps organized in the district.

health Department:
The Health Department was given the responsibility of starting de-addiction centers again in Ratia and Fatehabad. But due to the second wave of Corona such that all the rules were left behind. Although doctors are giving medicines to suffering patients. It is not suitable for them.

Police Department

Along with making people mindful, the work of the police department will also be to catch drug smugglers. On which the police has also begun work. After Corona, the business of drugs has rapidly increased in the district. In such a circumstance, now the police are catching those supplying intoxicating pills, which is also apparent in the figures. In addition, big drug smugglers have also been caught.