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Onlive Server – The Best Provider of USA Dedicated Server

Onlive Server offers a dedicated server platform provider that lends you the entire physical server. You will have the exclusive right to use the entire server for your hosting needs. With the dedicated server in the USA, your site will also receive dedicated resources that will work perfectly for it. You must make sure to buy the best-dedicated server in the USA from a reliable and well-known hosting company that can provide you with the right kind of services to handle, maintain and secure it.

Here you will get to know about one such hosting company known as Onlive Server, which provides the best-dedicated servers in the USA with the most amazing features. However, before you learn more about the company, let us dwell on the need for US dedicated servers. USA Dedicated Server is best to use for all websites or applications. With this, a large amount of RAM, high-speed CPU, and data transfer can be used. The dedicated server hosting in the USA is best to use for high-traffic websites or applications. It is required for a website with larger space and bandwidth. In addition to this, it helps you to get more benefits on choosing the right web hosting. You can choose the best hosting plans based on your needs and requirements.

 Why do you need Dedicated Server in the USA?

A USA Dedicated Server configuration is highly capable of matching the needs of your web business. It is one of the advanced hosting platforms that helps in carrying out operating procedures. You can easily and quickly scale web resources on your USA dedicated server as needed. With dedicated servers in the United States, you will have easy access to the data storage and processors that are needed to maintain and control the computing load. It serves as the best, most cost-effective option to advance your online-based work and compete at the forefront of the web market. Dedicated server hosting overcomes all the limitations of shared server hosting and virtual private server hosting.

Here are some of the key features of USA Dedicated Server

 Full security

USA-based dedicated servers are a type of infrastructure where you own the entire server, not just the space on the server. Unlike a shared server, cloud server, and virtual server hosting, you don’t need to share server space with potentially hundreds of other users. No other user can interfere or interfere with the operation of your server and website, thereby reducing the risk of data loss, intrusion, and interception. So cheap dedicated server gives you high security and security. Additionally, you get the opportunity to add as many defense layers to your servers and websites as needed to protect your data from any kind of security threats.

 Authentication and Customization

With dedicated servers in the USA, you get the reliability to customize the hardware as per your specific requirements. You can have more random-access memory, hard disk space, faster central processing units, etc. You will need to let your hosting provider know about your needs for web resources, and your server will upgrade to accommodate your web business needs. It provides high scalability. In addition, you will have more control over your server as you can gain root access. So, if you want, you can configure your server, whatever operating system you think will be best suited for your web business, and install the necessary applications.

unique IP address

With a dedicated server, your website will receive a unique IP address. This means that your website can also achieve better SEO, and the ranking will not be affected in any way by the functioning of other websites. It will be able to perform better and create a unique identity on the web.

Cheapest cost

USA Dedicated Server is the most cost-effective hosting option as it gives the best value for money, especially in the cases of long-lasting. Although you can find many hosting services that are affordable in rates, the features and privileges offered by the server hosting in the USA are worth all the cost. With our cheap dedicated server, you’ll have access, resources, network uptime, flexibility, security, and reliability for much more.

Why choose Onlive Server to buy a USA Dedicated Server

Onlive Server offers a wide range of cheap dedicated servers in USA plans and packages. A Dedicated Server comes up with flexibility, and you can customize them according to your website requirement. They are also easily scalable. Further, you can have fully managed servers in the USA from our Company. if you do not possess the technical expertise to handle the dedicated server or do not have time to do that.

Features of using USA Dedicated Server

It provides the best solution to all users at an affordable cost. You can find out the best web hosting plans from this and select the right one that suits your budget. On hiring the server hosting in the USA, you can get several numbers benefits such as:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 24/7 security
  • Low downtime
  • 100% network uptime
  • Fast loading speed
  • Full Root Access
  • Free OS Reload
  • Fully Managed Services
  • Dedicated IP Addresses
  • Instant setup with 24/7 Support


You can choose a quality dedicated server from Onlive Server, which offers outstanding value for both resellers and established companies. We put effort into offering high-quality Cheap Dedicated Server USA, as well as quality customer service and support 24/7. Instead of worrying about wasting time choosing a server provider, you can focus on other important things like growing your business.