VPS Cloud Server

The infrastructure of VPS Cloud Server by Onlive Server

About VPS Cloud Server-

A VPS Cloud Server is a virtual private server (VPS) solution that allows you to host multiple websites and applications on one system. A common misconception about virtual private servers is that they’re more expensive than dedicated web hosting, which is false. In fact, virtual private servers are typically less expensive than dedicated web hosting because customers only pay for what they use. The average price of VPS cloud server plans starts from $9per month, which makes them affordable and accessible to most small businesses.

VPS Cloud Server

Benefits of VPS Cloud Server-

By using a cloud-based service like VPS hosting, you can save money and resources on physical servers. The great thing about cloud computing is that it’s flexible and scalable. So if your company’s needs change over time, you can always adjust your server space accordingly. So, what are some of its other benefits? Read on to find out. To be sure, virtualization technology has many uses in business settings. But understanding how and when to use it will make all the difference in helping you select a solution that works well with your budget as well as business plans. When deciding which type of virtualization is best for any given situation. There are two important considerations: necessity and compatibility. Both require ample forethought before implementing virtualization into your business plan or IT strategy.

How does VPS Cloud Server Work?

A server is a computer or computer program that manages access to shared computing resources, such as printers and databases. Usually, a network of servers provides redundant service and increases reliability. Companies typically use servers to host websites, email services, and company software. But they can also be used as part of cloud computing environments. That allows employees to access company data from anywhere via computers and smartphones. Some businesses rent dedicated servers from third-party hosting companies. Which are set up specifically for their needs. But an increasing number of businesses use virtual private server (VPS) cloud servers because they offer high availability and scalability at low cost.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of a VPS cloud server will depend on what you need. In some cases, you can get a basic VPS package with nothing more than network access for as little as $9 per month. More complex servers may come with additional features like storage space or monthly bandwidth allocations. You’ll also want to consider whether you need your business’s website, email, and other services housed on one server or split across multiple devices. The more advanced features you include in your package. The more advanced features you include in your package, expense increase as your need

Feature of VPS Cloud Server-

The most important feature of a VPS Cloud server is that it is hosted in a certified data center. Which means that your information will be secure and is accessible to you at all times. Furthermore, professional staff will monitor your server 24/7/365 so you won’t have to worry about your site going down. Additionally, a virtual private server has flexibility in that you can easily set up new sites if needed, you get full root access to manage everything from servers, databases, and operating systems. It also offers premium packages if your requirements are more demanding and advanced. Most importantly, we ensure our customers with high-quality services at affordable rates


A powerful server that doesn’t break your budget is essential to running a successful business. VPS Cloud Server or Cloud VPS Hosting can provide you with all of the power you need at a price point your business can easily afford. Plus, an Onlive VPS can be up and running in just a few clicks. With performance like that, it’s no wonder why thousands of businesses have made Onlive their go-to provider for cloud hosting. To learn more about how to create a business plan with our platform, contact us today. We’d love to help you get started!