The Secret Behind Malaysia Dedicated Server

In business, it is very important to keep your site data secure and to have reliable resources. That you do not hear of any site crash problem. Malaysia Dedicated Server creates a user-friendly visual server that provides a dedicated environment for running your business.

Here are some of the rights you have acquired after having Onlive Server

You get a unique IP address through your Dedicated Server in Malaysia where you get IP4 and IP6 addresses to host your server on most of your sites.

You get dedicated business services without any restrictions on high server availability.

Malaysia Dedicated Server provides the best security software to protect your site from malicious activity.

You get the highest guaranteed network performance time regardless of the number of websites on a single server..

Now let’s move on to the next section of the article on the features of Onlive Server’s Dedicated Server in Malaysia.

Features of Malaysia Dedicated Server-

Smooth Performance and High Safety-

You get high performance and a high level of security with Malaysia Dedicated Server. A dedicated server will help your website grow and gain a better position in the SERP. You get the best security software with Dedicated Server Malaysia that handles data inflation function or hacker intervention activities. There will be no other website unless you want to connect it, so there is no problem downloading the website server. Onlive Server will give you a 99.90% network performance guarantee.

Complete Root Control Over Server-

Malaysia Dedicated Server gives you the best feature every business owner wants with full root access to the server. Typically for IT businesses, developers want to access a server so they can upload files and applications to customize according to their needs. Full root access means you are a server administrator and have access to its control panel. You can control it with two access panels – cPanel and Plesk. With these two, you control all server activities and you can change anything at your discretion.

Excellent Flexibility and High Resilience

Get unlimited bandwidth flexibility with Malaysian Dedicated Server. That ensures you get unlimited space to transfer site and user data. You can transfer high-quality site data from your website with excellent flexibility. In a second you can transfer data at a speed of 1GBPS. Onlive Server’s Dedicated Server in Malaysia hosts your website with high quality because after receiving the benefits from these features the server works automatically. That gives a higher rating to the server and site.

Dedicated and multiple IPs

We offer one Dedicated IP to every dedicated server in Malaysia and around the world. You can request additional IPs by sending a ticket to the paying team.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated servers have many advantages and below are a few of them:

Full control over the server, users have root access to the server.

To adapt, install software programs, or set settings based on your needs.

The server will be customize according to user. Preferences such as hardware configuration and OS version.

Shared services are provided to you 100%, resulting in better consistent performance.

No other users are affect, differ shared hosting.

What’s the Difference Between Shared Hosting and Dedication?

All shared hosting users are responsible for using shared resources so that all resources are shared equally among a group of users. The cost of a shared hosting account is affordable for each individual and organization of all sizes.

A dedicated host is where all hosting services are dedicated to one owner, one user, or an entire organization. Specification of server resources such as CPU, memory capacity, bandwidth, disk storage size, and more will be determine by its owner during the ordering of dedicated services. As hosting services are provide, a high level of consistent performance is guarantee.

Anti-DDoS protection is a mandatory feature of all of our solutions. Ensures complete security of your servers and infrastructure.


A good web hosting provider takes your business success to the next level and provides you with the best services. One should always take care of each service provided by the hosting provider. Where they are useful and you get good results from them. A pocket-friendly provider is a must-have.

Onlive Server is here to host your website with Malaysia Dedicated Server which offers a dedicated server. Includes all features such as SSD Storage, SSH Root Access, SSL Private Certificate with a large server management center. You can also get discounts on the Onlive Server’s Dedicated Server hosting program at all the given locations.