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Get The Best And Cheap Dubai VPS Server By Onlive Infotech

Onlive Infotech is a Dubai VPS Server provider providing its best services to clients. And offer services in Dallas, Texas, New York City, and other places. They have tremendous experience introduction in this field, and they also provide many features for the users.

It provide all the needed features for their customers to make them feel comfortable using their services. Their team is highly trained to provide you with the best quality services anytime, without any delay or problem.

They offer different VPS hosting plans according to their customer’s needs and demands. Their primary focus is to provide customers with a great experience using their website or web hosting platform.

We offer VPS Servers like Cloud Servers, Managed, and Reseller Hosting Services. Our Managed Server Hosting Services come with a 24/7 customer support and support ticket system, which makes it easy for us to respond to your queries within 24 hours at any time. Our Reseller Hosting Services are ideal for those who want to sell their own web space or domain name.

This is one of the leading Dubai VPS Server Providers with 24/7 Support and Superior Customer Service. We have a customer support team to help you out with all your queries and issues related to your hosting services. Our professional technical support team can assist you in finding the right solution for any problem or question you might face.

They offer the best features at VPS servers to enable prices. It provides a variety of different VPS servers which can be customized according to your requirements.

Why Choose Us?

We take pride in offering the best quality services at reasonable rates. The best part about this is that we have a 365-day money-back guarantee policy. That if you don’t like our service, we will refund your money without any questions!

What are the advantages ?

This is a leading Dubai VPS server provider in the industry. The company has been offering such services since 2003 and has been helping thoDubainds of customers worldwide. The company provides a wide range of different types of servers, which include servers, Cloud Hosting, Cloud Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Backup, and Data Backup, as well as Managed Services. Their services are provided to customers across the globe and they have servers in countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

The core advantage that makes stand out from other providers is its dedication to providing quality services at affordable prices to its clients. They have experienced professionals who know how to handle complicated tasks easily. And provide excellent support when it comes to any issues that may arise during the installation or maintenance of their products.

Another essential advantage is 24/7 customer support service which enables them to respond quickly to queries by their clients whenever required.

What are the features?

Itis a leading cloud hosting provider in Dubai. We offer VPS hosting, and domain registration services. Our team comprises highly skilled professionals with years of experience in the IT industry. And goal is to provide you with the best possible web hosting services at affordable prices.

Our customers are our priority, and we ensure they are satisfied with our services. You can contact us anytime for any query or help you need for your website, business, or personal use.

They provides superior quality infrastructure at low prices that can be customized per your needs. Our experienced team offers you 24/7 technical support. And highly reliable hosting services to keep your website running smoothly without any downtime or other issues.

We have an extensive collection of high-quality VPS servers designed to provide maximum performance. And scalability during peak and off-peak hours, ensuring that your website will run smoothly even when there are heavy traffic loads on the site.


In conclusion, Onlive Infotech is the leading Cheap VPS Server  provider company in Dubai. They have a massive range of services that their customers can avail of. Their services are affordable as well as reliable, and secure. The customer support is also top-notch.