New Zealand Dedicated Server Offers Increased Scalability and Availability

New Zealand Dedicated Servers Offer Enhanced Availability

New Zealand is a country that has been taking giant strides in technological advancements. Today, it is among those preferred destinations when it comes to web hosting services owing to its unmatched connectivity, scalability, and availability. Onlive Server offers New Zealand Dedicated Server which can easily be configured according to your business requirements. You can choose from a variety of pre-configured options or request a custom build as per your needs. We offer 24/7 customer support service for all our customers so that you get instant assistance whenever required. New Zealand dedicated servers offered by Onlive Server are ideal for growing businesses where high levels of traffic need high-performance infrastructure that can scale up without any downtime in applications or time-outs during load times.

New Zealand Dedicated Servers offer Real-Time Web Monitoring

No more time-consuming remote logins to monitor your servers. Onlive Server Web Monitoring will alert you by email whenever there is an issue on your servers. You can access your data from anywhere on any device – smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Monitors all essential services on your dedicated server, such as disk space usage, disk read/write speed, CPU usage, etc. This information is sent to our system using SNMP protocol and we in turn send it to you via email for review when a problem arises. Security: A 24×7 monitoring process keeps watch over all of our private dedicated servers so that unauthorized users are unable to gain access to them or tamper with data on these machines.

New Zealand Dedicated Servers are energy efficient

A New Zealand dedicated server is constructed using a high-quality power supply with an enhanced energy efficiency ratio of 94%. If you’re running a website or application on your dedicated server that isn’t CPU intensive, you can increase your savings even further by taking advantage of our KVM virtualization technology. We use direct-attached SSD storage for faster boot times, cut down on network latency for reduced response times, and utilize high-performance Gigabit Ethernet ports that allow traffic to transfer at up to 1000 Mbps. All of these factors allow us to improve stability, reduce downtime, save money on energy costs and ensure your business functions 24/7.

New Zealand Dedicated Servers allow you to save money

Businesses that need larger levels of scalability or availability can use Onlive Server dedicated servers. With servers specifically set up to increase these two areas, your business can save money while receiving an ideal solution. Set up is quick and simple, so your website will be ready to go in no time. Onlive Server offers multiple server locations across New Zealand including Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, and Dunedin. If you want to boost the performance of your web applications, consider switching over to one of our dedicated hosting services today!

New Zealand Dedicated Server Platforms Support All Applications

The Onlive Server dedicated server hosting platform enables flexibility. Many applications can be run from a dedicated server with no change in performance, including Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, PHPBB, Magenta, and MySQL databases. The Onlive Server platform also offers shell access for coding flexibility. Users can test their own software configurations in a virtual server environment without affecting their business operations or public availability of services. Dedicated servers enable secure hosting when users want full control over applications or websites such as streaming media servers. For example, an organization may require reliable streaming that accommodates huge spikes in traffic at specific times of the day or under special conditions such as product launches, new seasons, or sporting events.

New Zealand Business Grade Cloud Hosting Solutions

Increased reliability, scalability, performance, connectivity, and cost-effectiveness are just some of our servers’ top features. Our mission is to revolutionize hosting with a global cloud service – no matter where you’re located. Data security solutions designed to protect your personal information while enabling quick access from any location on any device have made us number one in Cheap New Zealand Dedicated Server. This makes Onlive Server a leader in data centers and dedicated server solutions. Whether you need Microsoft or Linux hosting we can assist you with top-notch support for all issues that arise. At Onlive we’re passionate about meeting clients’ needs so don’t hesitate to contact us should you require more details or help to find a solution to suit your requirements.